What a failure

Dude Mollie is a charming girl. Her parents are proud of. When she went to a high school, in older to be able to study her course overtime at night, she discussed with her parents and unanimously decided to rent out. After some twists and turns, they rented a house which made them satisfied at last, because it was relatively close to her school and it made her parents be at ease. Then her parents told something to her landlord, hoping that they could take care of her before Mollie then settled down.
During her housing, Mollie behaved well, in addition to doing her own room, Once she was free, she would help her landlord to do some cleaning, wishing and so on. Whenever the landlord was busy, he would not hesitate to help. Over time, she was slowly into the host family. Landlord started to treat her like her daughter. The Landlord asked her to have a deal with them, which was a rare phenomenon in the eyes of neighbors.
At the beginning, Mollie’s parents was very happy that their daughter was lucky, but when they thought again and again, they began to suspect that her landlord have some attempt, maybe her landlord win recognition of her daughter at first,. Once her landlord was recognized by her, then she took this opportunity to make her to be her daughter,
However, it was too late to consider it. One day, her landlord did the things that her parents who were afraid to happen. What made her surprised was that her landlord bought her a pair of TIMBERLAND BOOTS, many clothes and so on, and her landlord let her daughter not to make her parents known. At that time, Mollie her landlord was better than her parents, so she finally agreed to be her landlord’s daughter.
Mollie’s parents got crazy and sad at that time, but they had no choice.
At first, Mollie was well-being. But one day, God made a joke with her, she witnessed a traffic accident, she got damaged seriously at that time. When she was in the hospital, her mother who adopted her was afraid to spend a lot of money decided to ignore her. On the contrary, when her parents heard of it, they were very nervous and went to take care of her immediately, she finally recovered quickly.
With tear falling from her eye, Mollie said it made a wrong decision at that time and hoped her parents could forgive her. Her mother told her daughter that we could not be deceived easily because of your favorite things, we could afford a pair of TIMBERLAND BOOTS or other high price products, but you were still young, when you grew up, mom would buy you TIMBERLAND BOOTS, too. She moved to weeping, nodded continually.