Hiwa Station

Hiwa Station (日羽駅 Hiwa-eki?) is a JR West Hakubi Line station. It is in a valley between two tunnels, and its access road goes directly beneath the station. The station is located in Hiwa, Sōja, Okayama Prefecture, Japan.

Hiwa Station has two platforms capable of handling two lines simultaneously. The platforms are connected via a foot path across the tracks. The station building is at the top of a very steep embankment (see photo).

Hiwa Station is located within a bend in the Takahashi River, which is across Japan National Route 180, about 500m southeast of Hiwa Station. There are thirteen Shinto shrines and four Buddhist temples within one kilometer of the station. The Hiwadani River, a tributary of the Takahashi River, flows out of the Hiwa Valley above the station, emptying into the Takahashi River near the station. The Okayama Sōja plant of Nikken Lease Kōgyō, one of Japan’s largest industrial and commercial equipment and supplies leasing companies, is visible from the station.